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    More than 25 years ago, Blue Mountain started out doing primarily property surveys, but today we have grown into a recognized, full-service leader offering a complete package of surveying services. Blue Mountain stays on top of the industry’s latest and most state-of-the-art surveying technologies and equipment to provide the most comprehensive, efficient experience for clients.

    We work with oil and gas, utility, pipeline, coal, rail, transportation and property boundary companies as well as private developers and state and federal agencies. When you need reliable surveying services, Blue Mountain Inc. is one call away.

      • Gasline Stake Out
      • Gasline Asbuilt
      • Waterline Stake Out
      • Waterline Asbuilt
      • Powerline Stake Out
      • Powerline Asbuilt
      • Pad Stake Out
      • Pad Inspection
      • Pad Asbuilt
      • Compaction
      • Well Staking
      • Conductor Location
      • Drilling Asbuilt
      • 3D Laser Scanning/Modeling
      • Corehole Surveys
      • Stream Surveys (Pre-Mining)
      • Stream Surveys (Post-Mining)
      • Stream Asbuilts (Pre-Mining)
      • Stream Asbuilts (Post-Mining)
      • Construction Stake Out
      • Title Mapping
      • Property Boundary Surveys
      • Topographical Surveying
      • Site Layout for Construction of Well Pads, Overland Belt Structures, Compressor Pads and Pipelines
      • Stream Monitoring
      • Hydrographic Surveying of Ponds/Lakes/Rivers
      • Bathymetric Surveying
      • Impoundment (Sounding)
      • Pipeline Routing
      • One-Call Services