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    Blue Mountain Inc. has been providing reliable Aerial Mapping services to engineering, gas, mining, and surveying companies in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1991. Due to years of experience, Blue Mountain not only provides variety of photogrammetric services but also maintains an enormous database of historical imagery that is readily available for clients.

    Blue Mountain Aerial Mapping services includes topographic and planimetric mapping, surveying, orthophotos, aerial photography, LiDAR, airborne GPS, aero-triangulation, GIS, stockpile volumes, emergency response, terrain modeling and more. We offer both national or international contiguous coverage, and all data exceeds specifications for engineering grade two-foot contours nationwide.

    Our staff includes one ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and many experienced compilers providing you with years of experience. We also have the capabilities to offer high detail, extreme low-altitude imagery upon request.

    Located south of Pittsburgh and west of Morgantown, the majority of our projects are found in southwestern Pennsylvania, Ohio, and northern West Virginia. We can fly and map anywhere. We’ve completed projects in many states including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, and Arizona.

    No project is too large, small or complicated for us to manage and complete. Blue Mountain Aerial Mapping provides many photogrammetric services including, but not limited to:

      • Aerial topographic and planimetric mapping
      • Orthophotos
      • Aerial Photogrphy
      • Reprographics
      • 3D Flythroughs
      • LiDAR
      • Airborne GPS
      • Aero-triangulation
      • Stockpile volumes
      • Emergency Response
      • Terrain Modeling
      • Aerial Pipe Line monitoring
      • Aerial Power Line monitoring
      • Low Altitude Video
      • LiDAR Calibration
      • LiDAR Classification