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    Blue Mountain Inc. provides accurate 3D Laser Services for clients needing a variety of applications. From oil and gas, coal and construction to failure modeling and third party processing, we’ve got you covered.

    Our 3D Laser services save you on cost and design, all while giving accurate, high definition surveying. We use cutting edge technology to provide clients with a virtual look at their jobsites. We also have the ability to use ground-based LiDar to problem solve after construction. Blue Mountain’s 3D Laser services are applicable for highways, bridges, and other varieties of infrastructure

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    Oil & Gas Applications

    Coal Applications

    • Prep Plant Modeling for Modifications, Additions, and As-Built
      As-built model of the entire plant for 3D layout in case additions or modifications need to be made. With all the 3D elevation data, we can provide show exactly where structures are, show clearances, and meet spacing requirements.
    • Belt Structure Analysis for Preventative Maintenance
      Checks for twist and sag in steel beams to identify potential problems that could shut down production if they were to fail.
    • Underground Mine Mapping
      Maps underground mine corridors to show actual location of the mine. Creates the most detailed and accurate mine map available and shows exactly how much clearance and space is available.
    • Pit & Stockpile Volumes
      Scan of the stockpile provides extremely accurate data to calculate volumes to see how much material has moved.
    • Conceptual Stress Analysis
      Creates a model of the steel structure and shows the stress points when a load is applied such as coal over a belt or within chutes.
    • Structural Alignment Checks
      Scan data is used over a large area to determine if belts are out of alignment. Mis-alignment can cause belts to come off track or coal to load unevenly.
    • Plant Renderings
      3D renders of the plant (or parts of it) to show the existing conditions along with any additional concepts that might be proposed.


    • Layout and Design Checks to Show Progress and Accuracy
      Scan before, during, and after the construction to ensure that the construction is going according to plan and that the layout fits the design. Scans provide proof of proper construction in the event of an unintended failure at some point in the life of the project.
    • Building Information Models
      Building information models can be constructed from scans and construction drawings to provide information regarding materials, airflow, and stress/load capacity.
    • Conceptual Rendering for Future Projects and Sales
      Construction drawings and scans are used to create visuals of what the site or building will look like when it is finished. These can be used to show clients their finished product before it is complete as a sales aid or as a proof of concept.

    Failure Modeling

    • 3D Imaging to Help Determine Failure Points
      After a failure in the system, we can create a 3D model of the results to help determine what happened and why. This is extremely effective if we have scanned a model of the site or structure in question before a failure.
    • Earthwork Displacement Modeling
      Modeling of slips and stockpiles to show how much material has been displaces and where repairs and placements can be made to reclaim the material.

    Third Party Scan Processing

    We can process scans that we did not collect for our clients based on their needs. We convert scans into useable CAD data for all major packages such as AutoDesk and Bentley software. Rates vary based on needs.