Jul 21, 2015

First Bat Found In BMI Bat Condo

Blue Mountain, Inc. installed a bat condo in Doddridge County, WV in April 2015.  It was installed in known Northern Long-Eared Bat habitat (United States Fish and Wildlife Service Buffers).  Northern Long-Eared Bats are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.  Since the installation, BMI’s Wildlife Biologists have been monitoring the area for baseline acoustic data, and doing regular maintenance activities.  During a monitoring trip, a bat identified as an adult male Big Brown was found utilizing the condo.  This one little bat made our Wildlife Biologists super excited.  The significance of one bat is huge because bats maintain social groups.  What this really means is:  “Bats follow bats.”

One bat might not seem important within in the larger context, but this is a great leap for the conservation efforts of bats within West Virginia.  This is also a great example of how the Oil and Gas Industry can preserve habitat for a dwindling species.