Jun 25, 2015

Blue Mountain Inc. to Build State’s First Oil and Gas funded Bat Condo

As the expansion of cities, new infrastructure, and deforestation continues to threaten the natural habitats of Indiana Bats and other endangered species, Blue Mountain Inc. is working hard to conserve and build habitat, as well as improve wetlands for wildlife foraging. Working alongside agencies such as US Fish and Wildlife, WVDNR, and WV DEP, Blue Mountain balances our clients’ needs as well as the needs for conservation in an effective time saving manner.

Listed as endangered in 1967, Indiana Bats are found over most of the eastern half of the United States. Currently almost all bat populations are being impacted by a disease known as White Nose Syndrome (WNS). This disease is causing mass die outs of bats in portions of our region. The construction of new habitats will aid in efforts to save not only the Indiana Bat, but all bat species from extinction.

“Our whole team is excited to work on this project,” said Craig Fry of Blue Mountain Inc. “We look forward to helping restore this species’ natural habitat in the mountain state.”

For more information on Blue Mountain’s bat conservation services, contact us today at 304-662-6486.